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[SFM asset] Blue Typhoon Update release by Nova-rek [SFM asset] Blue Typhoon Update release by Nova-rek
Major update on the Blue Typhhon texture !

Change list:
- The white hull has been completely remade.
- The emissive map (self illumination) has been completely remade and some new light detail added.
- Gloss / phong map added into the alpha layer of the base texture and VMT code edited to use this new map.
- VMT fine tuning
- Texture resolution switched from 4K to 2K but texture format also switched from DTX5 to RGBA888, since the RGBA888 format have a far more precise color grading than DTX5, the overall texture quality is increased even after a resolution downscale.
- Illumination power reduced on the bridge windows

2 demo screen in dark area for the illumination windows and engine....

Blue Typhoon New2 by Nova-rek  Blue Typhoon New3 by Nova-rek 

All the preview screeshot are 100% SFM made only.

Download link:…

How to install:
This update contains everything you need (texture and models) so if this is your first installation you are clear to go, if you have the previous version simply overwrite when prompted.
So in every case, unzip the archive and simply merge the "usemod" folder from the archive with the "usermod" folder from your SFM directory, overwrite if prompted.

The model itself in SFM will be pretty big, you can control its size at will by simply selecting the root bone and then with a right click, add a scale control option, you can also right click on the slider of the scalling option in order to remap the slider range for a precise rescale (remap the default slider from 10 to 2 for a "toy" model size).

- Model made by :iconmixlou: (open source).
- UV map optimized by :icondarkhedgehog23:
- Texture and porting made by myself.
ForkTailedDevil Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I was going to comment, but now I have to fix this nose bleed...

She looks so gosh darn good...
Hexidextrous Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017
Can you make the Sonic Power Cannon unfold from the deck?
RedBlueIsCool Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Really awesome! Down with the palm trees!
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